środa, 17 czerwca 2015


Zapraszam wszystkich na nowego bloga, który zrodził się z naszej podróży na Maderę, która zacznie się już za niecały miesiąc!

Hello English speaking folks! I've been spreading a news about my new blog dedicated to our journey to Madeira which starts in a month. For now it's in Polish only but I might start typing English translation at some point. 
Lots of LOVE! 

niedziela, 22 marca 2015



Oil painting on canvas. My signature clash of vibrant colors, strong lines and delicate subject matter.
I'm very much inspired with human's body movement, hands especially. 
In my sketchbooks I'm always bending and twisting bodies and test the point of when it's anatomically impossible.
This time I've decided to do it on canvas. I think that outcome is very interesting. I've placed sketch-like hands which I have created with thin brush to make them look almost like a quick drawing against impressionistic body and background. The face of the female on my painting is rather realistic which I guess is another thing that my works have in common. I'm obsessed with mixing freely painted elements with the face that you almost want to touch. I loved painting this piece- the part when I took it slowly and got deep into the portrait of the "Tutu Girl" and the fun I had while creating sketch-like feeling of moving hands. The final result of this piece was actually a surprise to me since I was painting and then covering bits and pieces with another layer of different paint , different color. To me it's almost a collage made with oil paints. With a tutu on top.

sobota, 14 lutego 2015

Good Figures

 Beautiful night at The Mall Gallery, London!
 I had a chance to be part of the unique art exhibition titled 'Good Figures' 

"A remarkable exhibition…. genuinely impressive….. an excellent mix……rich, 
hugely varied and exhilarating….” Nicholas Usherwood, Art Critic, February 2015

30 contemporary female artists gathered the celebrate the female figure and what I also think- to collide talents, ambitions and incredible diversity. I'm actually proud of the fact that I managed to produce fresh body of work while working full time. Days were dragging and then the nights were all about paint, canvas and turpentine. I did it. 
Opening night was packed with interesting people and as always it was great to hear what people thought about  my work, how they felt about it also to answer questions they had about my inspirations , the way I create and what I want the future to bring. It was a bit surreal to know that I was one of the youngest of the artists although it made me feel more calm since everyone thought that I'm actually 'so young'- usually what I got in my head is Basquiat being 27 and already dead! I guess I'm just good at driving myself insane. Oh well.

Being part of 'Good Figures' made me feel alive again. It made me inspired and hungry for new opportunity to create and exhibit my work. 
This is what I'm meant to do.

Now after a week in London the exhibition will tour to Downland Jerwood Gridshell in West Sussex (opening on the 24th April 2015.)